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Cryptic Crossroads

For many years many of the crosswords in this magazine have been set by members of the 1Across group on Facebook, founded by Sowmya Ramkumar. The group has recently published a book of cryptic crosswords called ‘Cryptic Crossroads’.

The group is administered by six administrators from different parts of the world viz, Bahrain, India, USA and - in the UK - by Brian Dungate, aka Bud, who is a familiar name for our regular readers & puzzlers. He has authored the foreword for the book, and also co-authored a challenging puzzle in it.

The contributors of the puzzles, not only volunteered to set without compensation, but also agreed that all proceeds would be donated to an organization that’s involved in cancer research and treatment for needy people who cannot afford it. In addition to the royalties, the group also raised sponsorship to cover publication costs as well as to supplement the proceeds from sales.

A splendid stocking-filler, the book includes easy puzzles as well as those that have hidden messages, puzzles with various themes including the popular "Harry Potter' and Game of Thrones", puzzles with unusual shapes - like a three-leaf clover and puzzles where answers have to be assembled together like a jigsaw puzzle and whose clues are couplets that need to be deciphered.

It is available worldwide, both as a paperback and as Kindle download from Amazon. It is also available in e-book format from Google Books. Please support this worthy cause!

Posted in puzzles on Dec 01, 2017