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Royal Memories: Duke and Duchess of York’s Visit to Brighton

History Notelet M Bance

In last month’s history notes article reference was made to the visit made by the Duke and Duchess of York to open the east wing of the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children on 30 May 1928. And it was mention of a doll being presented to the Royal couple for Princess Elizabeth that particularly caught the attention of one of our readers.

Mrs Patricia Norman, who lives in Patcham, contacted us to say that she was the four year old girl who had actually made the presentation. Although a long time ago, Mrs Norman recalls the coaching she was given by her parents and how much time was spent practising to get everything right. Indeed, she remembers how she was found in the garden by her mother presenting a carrot to a tall sprout plant!

On the day all went well and the little girl, chosen for this honour because of an earlier stay in the Royal Alex, stood with the doll in hand, smiling up at the Duke and Duchess and proudly told them where all her special, new clothes had come from, including the hand crocheted socks from her Aunt Edith.
Mrs Norman also remembers, with great hilarity, that during the ceremony the Bishop sat on his hat and squashed it flat.

Posted in History on Jul 01, 2012